How's Your Tows?

Finding a Good Towing Service in Utah

Certified Tow Operators

When's the last time you had a good clean tow without a hitch? If your towing service has been giving you dirty tows, leaving damage to your vehicle or charging extravagant prices, it's time to shop around.

Finding a good, reliable towing service doesn't have to be burdensome. Did you know that a WreckMaster certified tow operator must complete four levels of towing and recovery training before receiving certification?

The WreckMaster certification program trains and tests towing operators for different types of towing and recovery situations from standard tows to heavy-duty towing jobs. Once a tow operator receives certification, you can be sure that he or she has the most training possible.

In Utah, there are many towing services available. Not all towing operators are WreckMaster certified, nor are they all experienced in heavy duty towing, such as towing motorhomes or tractor-trailer setups. Many are inexperienced in recovery of vehichles that are overturned, stuck in ditches, or other special circumstances.

If you need a reliable and certified tow truck salt lake city company for emergency towing, moving inoperable vehicles, or long-distance hauling, make sure they have experienced and dependable operators who respond quickly and care about your vehicle.